- 9/1/09 -

Apparently most players thought I was only joking, but this site was a SERIOUS attempt to raise some in-game pp for myself and my guild. However, I am saddened to say that I will no longer be offering these services, even on my home server. It is simply not worth the potential problems. I'll leave the site up since some people found it amusing, but please do not email me with requests for wedding ceremonies, as I will have to respectfully decline.

I apologize to my one potential customer and any other players who may have considered purchasing my services in the future. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Is that wedding bells I hear... or just a brilliant new way to make some money? Everquest in-game wedding chapels are here and I, Morituus, am determined to take full advantage of this terrific opportunity while at the same time providing a generous public service for my fellow eq players!

In case you haven't heard, SOE has recently announced their bold new plan to provide a fun and unique experience for players who wish to have their eq toons married in-game. And if you are considering paying 2500 SC to have your wedding held in a beautiful and private new zone... why not spend a few PP to have an officially ordained minister perform the ceremony!

General Information and Limitations:

- Morituus IS an ordained minister irl, and is officially licensed to perform legal wedding ceremonies in the state of Hawaii.
- All in-game marriages performed by Morituus are NOT actually legally binding (unless if both parties are physically located in Hawaii at the time of the ceremony... in that case, it might actually be official - I'm not 100% sure).
- Morituus will NOT be able to provide you with official SOE services like name changes, titles, or custom jewelry. You will still have to petition a guide if you wish to have those done.
- The couples are responsible for purchasing their own wedding chapel kit (rings, cake, zone, etc) if that is the route they wish to take. The prices listed below are stictly for Morituus' various acts of participation in the wedding ceremony itself, and are not affected by whether or not the couple chooses to use the new SOE wedding kits.
- Non-Mithaniel Marr server ceremonies will be assessed an additional 50% (based off the final subtotal) service charge to cover transfer expenses/losses.

Wedding Packages:

- Economy Package - 2000pp
Are you and your bride/groom-to-be on a tight budget? In these hard economic times, we understand that money can be tight. The "economy" package consists of a very brief ceremony only. Morituus will show up 5 minutes late with whatever he's wearing at the time and leave immediately after. While you will not get the full Morituus experience, this is a servicable alternative if you are operating on a cheap budget.

- Standard Package - 10,000pp
The "standard" Morituus wedding package includes a traditional wedding ceremony for the bride and groom. Morituus will personnally conduct the ceremony butt-naked (both in-game and irl). Morituus will arrive on-time, and stay for one complimentary formal screenshot after the ceremony. The standard package also includes a premarital counceling session for the couple with Morituus.

- Elaborate Package - 100,000pp
The "elaborate" package includes everything in the "standard" package. Additionally, Morituus will provide some music and entertainment. Morituus will arrive 2 minutes early and stay to mingle with the guests for 10 minutes after the ceremony. Also, this package includes ONE complimentary crotch dance for the bride (or groom, if that's what he's into).

- 3-Ring Circus Package - 1,000,000pp
This package includes everything in the "standard" package. Additionally, Morituus will provide a full band, a clown, a bearded lady, and a stripper (NOT Morituus!). Morituus will also conduct an informal rehearsal for the wedding party prior to the day of the wedding, will arrive 10 minutes early for the offical ceremony, and will stay and help clean up after the reception party. This package also includes a free comprehensive screenshot album, with the option for a screenshot slideshow of your special day (for an addtional charge - see below for options). Includes ONE complimentary crotch dance for the bride/groom. GRAND OPENING BONUS: Unlimited crotch dances for ALL guests if you book your 3-Ring Circus Package wedding (with a full advanced deposit) by the end of August 2009!!!

Additional Options:

- "Conservative" ceremony (Morituus will not be naked - "standard" package and above) - 5000pp additional charge

- Morituus Crotch dance (a la carte - for both guests and bride/groom) - 5000pp per dance/person

- Screenshot Slideshow options (available for 3-Ring Circus packages only):
Little to no effort - 5000pp
Poor quality - 10,000pp
Not too bad, but highly inappropriate - 50,000pp

- Premarital Counseling

Seek help to avoid becoming an eq statistic. Premarital counseling, in general, is an invaluable step towards a long and happy marriage. In Morituus' hands, it's even better. While no marriage is ever "perfect", this short and informal meeting between the engaged couple and Morituus will set the foundation for a strong and fulfilling union. Additionally, due to the nature of in-game weddings, Morituus will conduct a "Are you really a hot chick irl" test on the bride-to-be as a standard service for the groom.

Premarital Counseling is included for free with "Standard" and above packages.

- Contact Information

Please email us at eqweddings@morituus.net to set up your personal wedding package.